About Us

Members of DynaMinds Consulting Private Limited have collective Industry Experience of over 100 Years.  They come with diverse Industry background such as Manufacturing, IT, Telecom, Health Care and Banking Sector, and have successfully handled responsibilities in HR, Administration, Marketing, Manufacturing, Logistics, Learning and Development, Sales, Customer Excellence, and Talent Management.

Leadership Team


Manjunath is an accomplished Competency Enhancer.


After Graduating in Science,  Manjunath acquired Three Post Graduate Qualifications in Labour Laws, Industrial Relations and Personnel Management.   Deeply drawn into methods to unleash human potential, he took special interest in Psychometric Assessments, and developed capabilities to understand human behaviour from multiple dimensions.

Manjunath has over 36 years of successful Corporate experience, having worked for several

Industry Leaders in the areas of Industrial Relations, Human Resources, Administration,  Manufaturing, Planning, Sales and Distribution, Customer Excellence, and Training.


Result Orientation,  High Level of Interpersonal Skills,  Analytical Thinking, A Never Give Up Attitude, are few of the Strengths of Manjunath.


As Chief Empowerment Officer,  Manjunath is the Founder and guiding force before DynaMinds Consulting Private Limited.


Sandhya is a keen student of Human Behaviour.


Sandhya joined DynaMinds Consulting Private Limited immediately after graduation in the year 2016.   She has completed a Course in Digital and Social Media Marketing.


Over the last 3 years, she has put giant strides in capturing the essence of human behaviour.  Sandhya is the driving force behind designing in house range of Psychometric Assessments.


A keen eye for detail, strong analytical mind, and ability in being objective, are key strengths of Sandhya.


As Director of DynaMinds Consulting Private Limited, Sandhya is responsible for Operations and Administration of the Company.


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