Psychometric Assessments are Scientific and Accurate way to measure various attributes of an individual.


What makes us Specialists in Psychometric Assessments?  Frankly, there are more reasons for one.  Simply put, the reasons can be classified as Quest for Knowledge, Passion towards Excellence, and Desire to simplify the process of taking Psychometric Assessments and logics of interpreting the Assessment Scores.


Firstly, we have Three Certifications in Psychometric Assessments.  What made us go for multiple Certifications was to get the opportunity to understand how different Assessments Companies interpret the same principles in different ways, and how they have gathered meaning of Assessment Scores.  It is an understatement to say that there were gaps in the assessment averments and reality.


In our quest to be Perfectionists, we decided to design our own range of Psychometric Assessments.  This gave us two distinct advantages.  Firstly, we could meticulously design our own range of Assessment Questions and Scoring Pattern, which should be able to describe attributes.  As consistently confirmed by hundreds of our clients, our Assessments are credited to match the real lives of our Clients with more than 90% accuracy.  There was a second advantage, in that there is no need to pay any royalty to anyone.


The key highlight of our Assessments is the way we interpret the Assessment Scores.  The Strengths of the person are assertively highlighted and subtle suggestions are made with respect to probable challenge areas.  We recommend a basket of probable actions that the Client may like to choose from, in order to overcome their challenge areas.  The way we link the Scores of different Assessments to the life of the individual, has resulted in acceptance of our interpretation, with openness.


The following Table describes our range of Psychometric Assessments, that are based on the Theories propagated by leading Human Scientists such as Carl Jung, William Martson, Richard Boyatzis, B F  Skinner, Douglas McGregor, Niel D  Fleming, Anthony Gregorc, David Kolb, and Howard Gardner.

Sl No Name of Assessment What does it measure
1 FIST Personality Profiling, including Natural Likes and Dislikes, Natural Behavioural Preferences.
2 PICS Profiles the way the Individual has adapted to one’s situations, based on Facts and Perceptions.
3 SWIFT The way the person prefers to Communicate.
4 TIME The way the Individual has moulded oneself.
5 WINCOMP This is a Complete Competency Profiling Assessment.
6 IRESOLVE The preferred choice for resolving Conflicts.
7 YESELDEE The Preference the Individual has towards absorbing Learning.
8 MYCHOICE The methods the individual follows to Understand and Retain Learning.
9 MYAPTITUDE The State of Development of various Mental Abilities.

Short Explanatory Note on our range of Assessments.


FIST is a Personality Profiling Assessment that is based on the Theory propagated by Carl Gustav Jung.  This Assessment successfully captures the natural likes and dislikes the person is born with.  This Assessment will also help in gaining a better understanding on the natural behavioural preferences an individual has, with respect to the way one prefers to communicate, organize one’s life, and how one is likely to view others.

PICS is an Assessment that is based on the Theory propagated by William Martson.  It clearly brings out the influence one’s environment has created on the individual, and the way the individual has modified his/her behaviour.


SWIFT Assessment captures the belief systems one is influenced by, and therefore, the style adopted by the person, while communicating with another.  This Assessment is based on the Theory propagated by Douglas McGregor.


TIME is the Assessment that is based on the Theory propagated by B F  Skinner.  It clearly brings out the modifications one has made, because of consequences experienced, and how the person is transformed, with respect to situations.


WINCOMP is a Competency Profiling Assessment, and is based on the Theory propagated by Richard Boyatzis.  It measures the current level of competency a person has, with respect to 20 key performance parameters.


IRESOLVE is an Assessment that captures the preferred methods one is likely to take,  while addressing issues of conflict.


YESELDEE is the Assessment which clearly brings out the preference an individual has, in terms of absorbing learning.  This Assessment is based on the Theory propagated by Niel D  Fleming.


MYCHOICE is the Assessment that brings out the preference one has, with respect to analyse and retain the learning one has absorbed.  This Assessment is based on the Theories propagated by David A  Kolb, and Anthony Gregorc.


MYAPTITUDE Assessment is based on the Theory propagated by Howard Gardner, and unveils the state of development of Mental Abilities in a person.

Coaching Solutions to address Unique Challenges of Life

The following Table captures our range of Coaching Programs and the Results it would deliver for our Clients.  (Please find the attached Excel)

Product/Service 3


In addition to helping Individuals overcome some aspects of their Life Challenge, we also work closely with  Corporates, in addressing few dimensions of their challenges.


Competency Mapping


Competency Mapping is a process of identifying Key Competencies required for performing a job, and mapping those Competencies to existing levels in the person who is performing the Job.  Obviously, there are tools that help in measuring the existing levels of competencies in a person.  In fact, we are Masters in that!


Obviously, the next step is to bridge the gap through various processes such as Job Rotation,  Training, or even fresh recruitment.


Selecting the Right Candidate


Recruitment has a Cost built to it.  A wrong selection not only upsets that Cost, but can also adversely impact Business Performance.


We recognise that selecting a right candidate for a position, especially when it comes to hiring a Top Management Post, is both a challenge and job more than half well done.  Towards this, we assist Organizations to take the help of our tested and scientifically designed battery of Psychometric Assessments, which ensures that the chosen candidate possesses the right mix of Personality, Behaviour, Attitude, Values, Competencies and Communication Styles and many such attributes, besides the right combination of Qualification and Experience.







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